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Door Size Conversion

Door Size Conversion Table

Standard Imperial Size Range
Inches Feet and Inches Metric Conversion
78”x15” 6’6”x1’3” 1981mmx381mm
78”x18” 6’6”x1’6” 1981mmx457mm
78”x21” 6’6”x1’9” 1981mmx533mm
78”x24” 6’6”x2’0” 1981mmx610mm
78”x27” 6’6”x2’3” 1981mmx686mm
78”x30” 6’6”x2’6”  1981mmx762mm
78”x33” 6’6”x2’9” 1891mmx838mm
80”x32” 6’8”x2’8” 2032mmx813mm
81”x33” 6’9”x2’9” 2057mmx838mm
82”x34” 6’10”x2’10”  2983mmx863mm
84”x36” 7’0”x3’0”  2134mmx914mm
84”x48” 7’0”x4’0” 2134mmx1219mm
96”x48” 8’0”x4’0” 2439mmx1219mm     
Standard Metric Size Range
Metric (mm) Imperial Conversion (Inches) Feet & Inches
426mmx2040mm 80.1/2” x 16.1/2” 6’8.1/2”x1’4.1/2”
526mmx2040mm 80.1/2” x 20.1/2” 6’8.1/2”x1’8.1/2”
562mmx2040mm 80.1/2” x 22”  6’8.1/2”x1’10”
626mmx2040mm 80.1/2” x 24.1/2” 6’8.1/2”x2’0.1.2”
726mmx2040mm  80.1/2” x 28.1/2” 6’8.1/2”x2’4.1/2”
826mmx2040mm 80.1/2” x 32.1/2” 6’8.1/2”x2’8.1/2”
926mmx2040mm 80.1/2” x 36.1/2” 6’8.1/2”x3’0.1/2”
1026mmx2040mm 80.1/2” x 40.1/2”  6’8.1/2”x3’4.1/2”
Door Thickness  
Imperial Metric  
1.3/8” 35mm  
1.5/8” 40mm  
1.3/4” 44mm  
2.1/8” 54mm  

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